Weekly Active MEditation med madhu

Welcome to an active meditation of the week! Every week it will be a different one so come and be surprised!


Depending on the energy of the week and participants' preferences, we will choose from Osho active meditations like kundalini, nataraj, chakra breathing, sufi heat meditation, No dimention, No mind, and others, as well as Humaniversity social meditations like Our Sacred Earth, Samatsati, Love Meditation, etc.

Most part of my life I have had intellectual jobs, which meant that my mind has been working most part of the day. After that I personally find it rather difficult just to sit with my eyes closed and stop thinking. That is simply not happening! The moment I close my eyes thoughts start bubbling in my head! So I find it very helpful to move my body first in one way or another. And then I can sit quietly and experience the empty head. This is why I love active meditations so much.

No prior experience in meditating or any other spiritual practice is needed. Just come with open mind and let yourself have your own experience!

We will be doing meditations weekly on Wednesdays from 23 Oct until 11 Dec. We start at 7 pm, but please come 5-10 mins early to land first.


Loose comfortable clothes is prefferable.

Drop-in price is 150 kr or 850 kr for the whole series.

Book your place in the e-email: prem.madhu.sakura@gmail.com


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