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Radical Inquiry Loves Breath

A Sacred Grandmothers / Wise Women Gathering

A Journey of Remembering the Truth of your Authentic Self, of Knowing your Self Worth and Value of Trusting in your own Wisdom and Divine Inteligence, and Choosing Love and Acceptance of Self .

Combing conscious connected breathing with clearing limiting beliefs, through guided questions of inquiry Sophia Magdalena takes you on a Journey of transformation, through emotional and physical energetic feelings, to early childhood memories, and the fears that have created a limiting beliefs of self ; of being unworthy, unloved, abandoned, guilty and deserving of pain and suffering.

Remembering the moment in which these feelings and fears were felt and guided to experience them through the Innocence of a your Inner child, the story that you made up in your mind about yourself, is now seen as one you created out of the fears projected on to you from your parents or guardians, and an alchemical shift occures as Truth drops in and expands energetically in the body, now feeling Free , Alive, Empowered Whole, Fearless and connected again to your True Self, enabling new choices based on Love.

A Sacred Grandmothers / Wise Women Gathering

 September – December 2018

 Inviting Wise Women; Grandmothers, Mothers and Sisters to shine, to be seen and heard, and to share the richness and depth of our experiences and Life Journey.
Practices shared in our circles are to support the healing and empowerment of ourselves as Wise Women.
To support our Dreams and uncover a treasure box of delights… and expression of our Creativity in whatever forms our creativity desires to be expressed. 
We are here to live our Lives and fulfil our Dream, to inspire each other as Wise Women, as Way Showers in Love and in Truth.

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