Loves Breath Work Sundays 18.00-20.00

ophia Magdalena

ACCEPTANCE Forgiveness ..SELF LOVE .Returning home to the Heart , to Unconditional Love,
To the Truth of the I Am.

Healing with each breath we attune to the Soul Sound vibrations within connecting to the Source of Creativity.
Returning to Divine Essence.
To Original Innocence.
Opening to receive the flow of Unconditional love.
Expanding in Joy, in Freedom, in Light and in Sacred Union with Spirit.
Aligning Body, Spirit and Mind.

BREATH-WORK in both English and Swedish
Please come ~10 mins before the session starts!

Contact: tel. +46 073 736 18 31

COST 250 SEK, cash at the door
VENUE: Isis Gudinnetempel/Heart & Hand, Allhelgonagatan 5, över gården, Stockholm (T-Skanstull)
Please email me for the entrance code

The dates and time for 2018:
SUNDAYS  18.00 -21.00 
MARCH   11th and 22nd.
APRIL       8th and 22nd
MAY          6th  and 20th
JUNE        3rd and 17th.

LOVES BREATH , A Breath Work healing practice.

A Sacred Healing Practice; Breathing Consciously with Connected Breath.
Releasing past and present memories of trauma and conditioned core Beliefs.
Bringing Awareness to energies stuck within your cellular memory , releasing all that no longer serves your Awakening in Love.
Remembering your Highest conscious Truth, that Love is Real. You are Love, Loved and the Beloved..
Making new choices based on Inner Wisdom and Clarity of the Awakened Mind.

Includes ;
An Introduction to the Sacred healing Practice with a guided theme of Inquiry for the Day.
A guided Meditation, bringing Presence to the Breath and Relaxation of the Body.
A One hour, Breath Work Session.
Sound vibrations and energetic body work.
A Sharing circle to share the journey and what ever experiences and insights remembered, with intentions and declaration of Truth.


Breath Work is a practice that you can learn and use everyday to support your own healing journey.

A sacred healing practice that supports the Unveiling of layers of hidden conditioned beliefs
.At the root are the Core Beliefs, running our lives as patterns that keep re occurring keeping us in Separation, keeping us from Connecting to Conscious Truth.
We are Love and here to Live in Joy in Happiness and in Peace,Abundantly and Wholly Connected as One, in new paradigms of Loving Relationships.
The journey takes as long as it needs to for each of us to remember and return Home.

As each of us chooses this healing journey we awaken each other in a new vibration of Love, just as water rippling over our bodies cleansing and purifying every cell of our Being. We are Re Birthing, connecting to Source, to the Sun, to the Earth, to the Mother, Creator of Life.
We are Creators of our Own Reality, Sovereign Beings, and we are free to make new Choices and as we do so we are creating new paradigms of Love and Loving Relationships.

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